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Jobs&More365 is a revolutionary online employment platform aimed at connecting talents and employer organisations upon their respective expectations and aspirations. While traditional job boards and search engines focus on finding jobs, we focus on helping candidates finding the employers whose profiles, culture and people development policies really fit with their own values, expectations and aspirations.
In parallel, we help employer organizations boosting their employment brand and creating an ultimate candidate experience by explaining who they really are, what they offer as an employer, and how they differentiate.

Initially conceived as an always-on virtual job fair, Jobs&More365 has quickly expanded to a full-spectrum platform that combines employer booths, workshops, conferences, job posts, career center, sectorial events, employer job days, and more within a single virtual forum. Moreover, Jobs&More365 integrates the most advanced technologies to support live chats, real-time employer-candidate interaction, social media integration, v-card exchange, and collaboration tools to create a fully interactive, truly unrivalled experience.

As such, Jobs&More365 is a modern, real-world answer to the complex forces that drive multi-generational talents in their job search journey, and a highly effective lever for organisations to promote their corporate values and boost their recruitment dynamics.

Full-spectrum virtual career forum

Revolutionary interface

Advanced & secured technology