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You are just graduated and searching for your first job? Or you are an accomplished professional actively or passively searching for a new career challenge?

Jobs&More365 is your career forum. Not only it will help you to regularly discover a blend of hundreds of potential employers, but also to better know what they concretely offer, what their values are, and how you can contribute to their success by unleashing your real potential. And once you have selected those who really meet your own aspirations and values, you will be led to thousands of open vacancies and career opportunities as well.

But Jobs&More365 offers you much more. An always-on conference program, a service providers plaza and an extended resources center will deliver you permanent advices, recommendations and guidance on how to best engage your career journey, how to position yourself, how to develop and promote your own personal brand, how to prepare -and be prepared for- an interview, which sectors and which positions are really appealing to you, among many others.

As an interactive platform, Jobs&More365 also allows you to create a personalized experience towards potential employers by presenting your skills and ambitions you are in several ways – traditional resume, cv load, LinkedIn and/or FaceBook profile, video-based elevator pitch, visiochats with employers of your choice, etc. And with our easy-to-use interface, you can easily adapt your profile, make changes and add content whenever you want.

The best way to apply for connecting with employers that inspire you, finding your next job, or to be found by an employer who believes in your potential, is to sign up now and set up your profile.

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