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Jobs&More365 is open to business, technology and institutional partnerships in a win-win and carefully selected added value approach.

Technology vendors

You have developed a great, innovative technology that could help improving our platform, add new functionalities, improve candidate experience or deliver greater outcomes to employers? We are open to discuss, let’s talk !

Jobfair organizers

You are a jobfair organizer and would like to take benefit of our platform to complement your events with a virtual one and extend your reach through an hybrid approach? We can certainly help you!

Job boards

You are a job board with either a general, vertical or specialized approach? You believe that we could build synergies together? Yes, probably we could.


You are a public recruitment agency, a governmental employment agency & social security, or any other institutional organization? We share a common objective: helping people to find a valuable employer and a meaningful job that will help them stay ahead.

International development

Jobs&More365 is probably the fastest-growing actor in talent acquisition, recruitment and employer branding. You are interested to become our exclusive representative in your country? We are ready to examine your candidature!

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Easy integration with HR systems, solutions and smart applications

Extend the reach of job boards and social networks

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