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Who we are

Jobs&More365 is an energetic blend of highly talented and engaged people with diverse backgrounds. Our team consolidates decades of experience in talent acquisition, recruitment, strategic workforce planning, and human capital management.

At the opposite of hundreds of job boards and search engines that focus on connecting people with jobs, we firmly believe that people should connect with employers first - those whose vision, corporate values and employee dedication really fit with their own values, expectations and aspirations. After all, the right employers make great and meaningful jobs, not the other way around. To nurture our vision and beliefs, we have re-designing and re-conceived the complete candidate journey from scratch with the purpose to connect the right candidates with the right employers.

Jobs&More365 is operated, monitored and sustained over time with an Advisory Board made of renowned HR directors, recruitment experts, career advisors, and technology specialists from all over the world. We also benefit from the permanent recommendations and guidelines from a large community of selected job seekers.

Jobs&More365 is driven by a strict code of business conduct, business ethics and respect of data privacy that is applicable to all its employees and contractors.

Jobs&More365 is an initiative from ARC Invest, a division of The ARC Group sprl/bvba.

Highly engaged team

Disruptive, forward-thinkers

People-oriented, client-centric